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Divine sweets was found in 2022 by Health and nutrition coach - Shivangi Desai, in order to revive the essence of healthy home made and hand made laddoos, using exclusive recipes by our grandmas.

At divine sweets we have absolute women force coming from diverse cultures , who blend the pure and premium quality ingredients, under the love and blessings of the divine force. We strive to provide the both healthy and tasty laddoos to our customers.

Manufacturing Laddoos Under Presence of Divine Energy

Laddoos at divine sweets are exclusively home made and hand made, using all the pure and premium quality ingredients. Manufacturing of these healthy and nutritious laddoos is done exclusively by women force, Where along with all the food ingredients they also indulge their love and care, giving us an exact blend like our grandma recipes. Packaging of these laddoos is done under the presence of divine grace, that is after manufacturing them each and every laddoo is offered to almighty, which charges them with positive energy and blessings. 

Every ingredient of the laddoos are so healthy and worth trying because once you try them you will fall in love with them.

Vipul Parmar

Divine laddoos are really unique, never heard/seen someone offering food to god before selling it to their customers, such a great thought by Shivangi Desai and team.

Prakash Dave

I never knew that healthy things can be tasty too, but proved me wrong as divine laddoos are the super healthy and super tasty.

Dipal Chavda

Earlier my kids used to eat costly protein bars but after I came across divine laddoos I made them taste it, they simply loved it and today they are literally drooling over divine laddoos. Getting great quality at such cost is totally amazing.

Usha Patel

Getting home made laddoos having essence of our dadi/nani recipes made me nostalgic.

Neeta Thakkar

At Divine sweets, every laddoo is made gracefully with the hands of women force, who add magical zest to them while making them.

Every ingredient used in making of laddoos is not only healthy but also carries high amount of nutrition required by one’s body during day to day life.

At divine sweets, laddoos are made in an exclusive divine aura, and are offered to the almighty before dispatching them to our beloved customers.

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